Galope   README


Galope is a general-purpose Forth library. It started in 2012 in order to compile Forth code that was common to several Forth projects under development by the author, and also Forth code that was generic enough to be useful in future projects.

Galope is focused on Gforth, but most of its code is sytem-independent. In fact Galope has shared code with the library of Solo Forth, in both directions.

The home page of the project is

Current status

As of 2020-11 Galope consists of 360 module files. Many of them contain only one definition, even simple one-liner ones; others contain whole tools.

Galope is used by most Forth projects of the author, but anything in the library may be changed before its first public release.

The documentation is 80% finished. Its main part is a detailed glossary, with full descriptions, usage examples and cross references. The manual (in EPUB, HTML and PDF) is built from the source code by Glosara.

About the name

"Galope" stands for "Gforth Accessory Library Of Particular Elements". In Spanish, "galope" is a noun that means "gallop"; in Esperanto, "galope" is an adverb (the "-e" ending marks the adverbs in this language) that means "at a gallop". "Galope" is pronounced identically in Spanish and Esperanto; its phonemic transcription using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is: /ɡa’lope/.


In order to use the library, the path to its modules must be accessible from your Forth system.

For Gforth, two methods are suggested:

One method is to add the Galope’s source directory to Gforth’s fpath. Consult the documentation of Gforth.

A second method is to make a symbolic link to Galope’s sources directory from Gforth’s <site-forth> directory. In a locally compiled Gforth, the command on a Linux shell would be the following:

sudo ln -s ~/YOUR-PATH/ /usr/local/share/gforth/site-forth/galope

where "YOUR-PATH" must be replaced with the corresponding path to Galope’s sources directory on your system.

The project repository

In order to preserve the evolution of the code and prepare the first public release, a Git repository was created on 2016-06-21, out of development and ordinary backups created since 2013 (one year after the beginning of the project).

On 2020-11-29 the Git repository was converted to a Fossil repository, keeping GitHub as a mirror.