Back to the minefield
A remake of ZX Spectrum "Mined-Out" (1983) written in Vimclair BASIC (a Sinclair BASIC preprocessor).
Couplement Forth
STC Forth system for ZX Spectrum with a BASIC file interface.
A static website generator written in Forth.
A rebuilder of Fossil repositories. It extracts the content of a Git or Fossil repository, lets the user manipulate it in several ways, including combining several repositories, and finally rebuilds a Fossil repository from it.
General-purpose Forth library.
Maker of Forth documentation out of Forth sources.
Nuclear Waste Invaders
An invaders game written in Forth with Solo Forth, for the ZX Spectrum 128.
Sin Forth
A Forth cross-compiler, written in Forth with Gforth, that compiles Forth programs for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and compatible computers.
Solo Forth
A Forth system for ZX Spectrum 128 and compatible computers, with G+DOS, +3DOS or TR-DOS.
A text-windows module for X11-Basic.
A module to print left-justified texts in several dialects of BASIC.