Fendo   README


Fendo is a static website generator written in Forth with Gforth.

Some features:

  • Every source page is an independent Forth program that builds its HTML target.

  • Actual Forth code can be embedded in source pages and design templates.

  • Support for several markups (native, Asciidoctor, Markdown, HTML).

  • Support for multilingual sites.

  • Many addons for specific needs.

  • Redirections.

  • Nestable page shortcuts.

  • Fully customizable.

Home page and repository:

Current status

Fendo is very stable and is regulary improved, after the requirements of the author’s websites it already powers.

Since 2014, two websites were migrated from previous engines to Fendo, and two more were created directly in it. At the time of writing (2020-11) one more website is being migrated and two more are waiting.

The source code is well documented, but specific usage documentation is still missing. A full manual with a complete glossary will be built automatically from the sources.

Releases A-00..A-05 are internal, not recommended.

The current version under development is 0.6.0, which will be considered the first public version.

The name

Fendo stands for "Forth Engine for Net DOcuments". Also, "fendo" is the Esperanto word for "slot", in the sense "a narrow depression, perforation, or aperture".

History of the code

  • 2012: The development of Fendo started in order to replace two previous website generators written by the author (one of them written in Forth, the other one in PHP) with a new one combining the best features of both of them.

  • 2017-02-08: A local Git repository was created from all of the development backups, in order to resume the development and prepare the first public release.

  • 2020-03-28: The repository was uploaded to GitHub.

  • 2020-11-29: The Git repository was converted to a Fossil repository, keeping GitHub as a mirror.