Projekto Priskribo (anglalingva) Modifita antaĆ­
Back to the minefield Remake, written in Vimclair BASIC (a Sinclair BASIC preprocessor) for the ZX Spectrum 128, of Ian Andrew's "Mined-Out" (1983), which was written in Sinclair BASIC for the ZX Spectrum.  142.7 tagoj
CE4 Multilingual text adventure (in Spanish, Esperanto and Interlingue). Programmed in Bas for GNU/Linux, and in NextBASIC for the ZX Spectrum Next. 20.6 tagoj
Consulta privada Simple version of Eliza, in Spanish. 1.38 jaroj
Couplement Forth Subroutine threaded code Forth system for ZX Spectrum, with a BASIC file interface. 142.6 tagoj
Fendo Static website generator written in Forth with Gforth. 10.9 tagoj
Fossilisa Builder of Fossil repositories. It extracts the content of a Git or Fossil repository, lets the user manipulate it in several ways, including combining several repositories, and finally builds a Fossil repository from it. 31.6 tagoj
Galope General-purpose Forth library. 16.7 tagoj
Glosara Maker of Forth documentation out of Forth sources. 142.6 tagoj
Imbastardizer Generic source preprocessor, especially suited for old or limited dialects of BASIC. It converts labels into line numbers and supports some directives like `#define`, `#ifdef`, `#include`, etc. It's written in Vim/Neovim. 27.7 tagoj
Nuclear Waste Invaders Invaders game written in Forth with Solo Forth, for the ZX Spectrum 128. 103.2 tagoj
Nuevo mundo Text-only trade simulation game, set in the XVI century, in Spanish, programmed in X11-Basic. Remake of a Commodore BASIC program. 32.9 tagoj
Sin Forth Forth cross-compiler, written in Forth with Gforth, that compiles Forth programs for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and compatible computers. 140.3 tagoj
Solo Forth Forth system for ZX Spectrum 128 and compatible computers, with G+DOS, +3DOS or TR-DOS. 76.5 tagoj
tw Text-windows module for X11-Basic. 77.4 tagoj
wt Module to print left-justified texts in several dialects of BASIC. 77.4 tagoj