wt ("wrapping text") is a text output module for several dialects of BASIC. It provides a set of procedures, functions or subroutines (depending on the dialect of BASIC) that make it easy to print left-justified texts.

History of the code

2013-09-11: X11-Basic.
├── 2015-02-04: MBim (preprocessor of SAM Coupé's MasterBASIC).
├── 2015-03-07: Vimclair BASIC (preprocessor of ZX Spectrum's Sinclair BASIC).
├── 2016-12-14: Imbastardizer (preprocessor of GW-BASIC).
├── 2017-07-06: bwBASIC.
└── 2018-08-14: Yabasic.
    └── 2019-10-05: SmallBASIC.
        └── 2019-12-04: Matrix Brandy.
            └── 2019-12-06: tbas.
                └── 2019-12-29: Bas.

Repository and branches

The Fossil repository was created on 2021-02 from the Git repositories and development backups of all variants of the project.

Since every variant of wt is an independent project, it's developed in its own branch, while the trunk only contains this README.

Author and homepage

Marcos Cruz (programandala.net), 2013..2021.

wt homepage

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